Title I Annual Meeting Informational Video






Hey everybody my name is Bryan Russell, Assistant Principal at Royal Palm School

and today we are going to bring to you a virtual annual Title I meeting

so i'm going to go ahead and present my screen to you so you can get some very important information relating to your child here at Royal Palm.


So today is October 14th, 2020 and this is a collaborative presentation and it is really a way that we can share information relating to Title I

with our parents, families, and other stakeholders to really let you guys get some great information about how Title I funds are going to help support your child's progress here at Royal Palm.

The purpose of the meeting is to explain that

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) which is a federal law requires Title I to hold this annual meeting every single school year to discuss the school's Title I program,

your rights as a parent, and other school requirements.

This is a virtual meeting.

We are trying to get this information out to everyone, we know we are in different times right now so we did decide to record the meeting so we can share it widely with our families and other stakeholders.

As always, if you have any questions my contact information will be at the end of the presentation, you can always reach out to get more information.

So what is Title I? - Title I is part of a federal law that grants money to some select schools to help meet students' educational needs and goals

provide staff with professional development, and support school and family partnerships.

How does a school become Title I?

Eligibility is really determined on Free and Reduced Priced Lunch thresholds.

Royal Palm School is a combination school, it supports students all the way from Pre-K up to Transition, so that free and reduced priced lunch threshold is explained with the percentage below.

70% for a school like Royal Palm.

So what does it mean for our school?

This really involves a few different things, we always have a Title I annual meeting which is this meeting.

We always have a decision-making committee: a stakeholder input meeting so

all different stakeholders can provide input on how to continue to make improvements to our school and how we support our students.

There is always a Parent's Right to be involved letters and additional information supporting all involvement with parents and we always make every effort to involve our parents in every different capacity here at this school.

There is a Family and Parent Engagement Plan which we will explain a little bit more about

in this meeting, a School-Parent Compact: an agreement between the school, parents, and other stakeholders on how we will continue to work together to support your child's needs.

There are additional Parents' Right to Know Notifications that have gone home and posted on our school website this year

and additional surveys to gain more information about how we can help support you here at Royal Palm.

The overall goal of the Schoolwide Title I Programs is that students benefit, teachers benefit and gain more information, professional development, and other ways to support students and all family benefit too as well to really create this cyclical effect so everyone works together.

Our Schoolwide Title I Plan really focuses on a few things that are specific to Royal Palm.

We always prioritize diverse curriculum that is needed to individualize instruction for all of our learners.

Our School-Parent Compact is focused on shared partnerships between the school, home, and community

and our Parent and Family Engagement Plan focuses on specific trainings for families to improve implementation of strategies at home

our teacher trainings continue to focus on home-school communication and we have a big focus especially this year in increasing technology needs to support both virtual and in-person learning

Our teachers and staff have been working really hard over the course of the beginning of the school year and a lot of our funding is really utilized to support different curriculum needs - many of our teachers and staff created virtual toolkits to individualize instruction

as we know we started school virtual-only and many toolkits went out to our families and their homes so students could access them right away and support individualized instruction that met their IEP needs, and also technology needs is a really big piece here at Royal Palm School

so we are really excited to continue to support and work with all of our families in these ways.

To meet our expected outcomes we are using funds this year to continue with some of the following: Individualized Curriculum Needs -

so we will continue to address curriculum needs to provide differentiated hands-on instruction to meet all of our students' Individual IEP goals and always provide a multi-sensory approach to learning.

Our parent and our staff trainings will be presented to parents and staff to improve that home-school connection: they might have a specific focus or they might just be generally focused on improving home-school communication so we can continue to build on our family engagement and increase that home-school connection for our families

and finally a big focus on technology. It will be integrated in all learning activities as we are supporting both virtual learning and in-person learning at this time and increase opportunities for all of our different student learning styles.

So for parent and family engagement our parent and family trainings will focus specifically on home strategies for improving outcomes for students that do have communication-based disabilities, behavioral strategies for home learning, and information sessions relating specifically to our Pre-K program because it is really important to get information to our families before that Pre-K to Kindergarten transition.

Our professional development will really focus in on ongoing teacher trainings to support implementation of not only differentiated curriculum but also the blended learning system that we are in currently.

Research does show that when parents and families are involved students are more likely to earn better grades, make improvements on tests and assessments, attend school, adapt to change and have better social skills which is really big things that we always work on with our students -

continue promotion, graduate, and continue their education in whatever capacity after high school and their transition programs.

So our Parent and Family Engagement Plan is now shortened to PFEP that is the acronym and it describes how we involved our families and our students' education.

This plan is always written with the input of schools and families during a stakeholder input meeting that already took place and then shared out during SAC and other family events to review and revise as needed, currently the summary of this plan has been sent home for the families and has also been posted on the school website - 

so we have communicated this in a variety of ways, being sent through our newsletter that goes out to our families and is also posted right on our school website to anyone can access it at any time.

Within the plan is our Mission Statement: how we go about working with parents, families, and the outside community to increase student achievement -

how we go about training teachers to work with our families -

how we support parents in helping their students at home and how we go about sharing important information with everyone all of our families and stakeholders, we really pride ourselves on communicating and continuing to keep those lines of communication open with everyone involved because it really does take a true team to support our students.

We are really excited about some upcoming parent trainings and these do align with our Parent and Family Engagement Plan, these trainings as of right now will also be virtual so you will be able to access really important key information virtually, we will send this information right to you.

So we are really excited about our communication-based trainings that are coming up, our first training will actually happen on November 16th, 2020 - and we are really excited.

The training is titled "Improving Communication Outcomes with Prompt Hierarchy" and there is another -

sequence for January, a couple of months down the road with "Core and Fringe Vocabulary".

Giving parents the tools, quick basic and easy steps to continue to work on improving communication for their students at home and really partner up with a lot of the progress that is being made here at school - and of course our Pre-K to Kindergarten Transition Night which will take place in March.

Our School-Parent Compact is also very important - each Title I school has to have a School-Parent Compact that is written in conjunction with parents, family members, and school personnel.

This sets out the responsibilities of the school, parents, family members, and school staff with everyone striving to work together to raise student achievement.

Parents' Right to Know - very important: families always have the right to ask about the professional qualifications of their child's teacher and if non-teacher personnel are providing instruction to their child, what their professional qualifications are.

Families also must be informed if their child is taught for four or more weeks by a teacher who doesn't meet the certification requirement for their grade level or subject being taught - and also very important: how their child performed on state tests like the FSAA.

So if you ever want any of this information you can always reach out, we always do have to inform our families of this information as part of Parents' Right to Know.

Just a little bit of information regarding some other programs that are very beneficial or could be very beneficial to our students: our Migrant Education Program is really important, we partner with multi-cultural department to ensure the needs of migrant students are met -

to help students overcoming breaks in schooling, language barriers, any other problems that might come up - we are always working together to help our students succeed in the regular school program - meet academic standards and go on to be successful after high school and in life.

For our students that are experiencing homelessness: families who might live in a shelter, motel, out on the street or in abandoned buildings with relatives and friends - we also partner with the McKinney-Vento department - we work to connect families with staff for additional support - we work with transportation -

we always work to provide school supplies, uniforms, etcetera - whatever is needed - so if you ever have any questions about these two programs, you can always reach out to me - I am also the McKinney-Vento contact who would be happy to help get you connected with support to help your child.

So that wraps up just our annual meeting - there is an evaluation form that I will show you right now that is on our school website so if you got additional information from this meeting and you want to fill out the evaluation feedback form or you have any questions this is a great way to go about doing that since this meeting is virtual - real quickly I will show you right on the Royal Palm School website under "Students & Parents" -

If you go right here at the top this "Title I Annual Evaluation Forms" -

We do have the forms now loaded and they are in three different languages so if I were to click the English one -

you could fill out that meeting evaluation form at that time - we really do take your feedback very seriously and we are always trying to stay in communication as much as possible.

So please fill out that evaluation feedback form if you get stuck or need additional help and support - you can always reach out to me, you could call me at the school - my contact information is listed right here on this screen (561) 357-1905 or you could shoot me an email too as well - my name is Mr. Russell and I would be happy to help.

With that being said - I am going to go ahead and stop sharing my screen at this time.

And I really appreciate all of our families involvement and support - I know the times have been somewhat difficult but we are really happy to support our students and work with you as needed to meet their needs.

This really truly is a team effort and I can not thank you enough for everything that you are doing for our students - so thanks for being part of our meeting and like I said if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us - we are always happy to work with you and support whatever is needed - thanks so much and I hope you guys have a great day!