Title I Annual Meeting Informational Video






Good morning everybody my name is Bryan Russell assistant principal here at royal palm school and today i'm very excited to present to you some important information relating to our title one annual meeting every single year we meet with parents to present key information about how title 1 programming helps support your child's continued progress here at our school and what our plan here is at royal palm to partner with you our staff and outside stakeholders to help your child make continued progress this school year with the help of title one so without further ado i'm going to go ahead and present my screen and share with you some key information related to this topic

all right as i previously stated this is an information relating to our title 1 annual meeting the purpose of the meeting is to go ahead and explain how title 1 schools function what are some important requirements parents right to know and also what our plan is for staff and parental training to help continue to be transparent and open and keep our lines of communication with all parents staff and outside stakeholders as open as possible so we can continue to help partner with you so your child can make progress individually towards their goals here at our school so what is title 1 title 1 is part of a federal law that grants money to select schools to do a few things to help meet students educational needs and goals to ride staff with professional development and support very important school and family partnerships how does the school become title one so eligibility uh for a school to become title one is based on free and reduced lunch status here at royal palm school 100 of our students are on free and reduced lunch status therefore this is how we're deemed eligible for title one programming and funding

what does this mean for our school well first of all it's very important to have our parents be informed and involved in all decisions that are made around our school this happens first through our title one annual meeting but also through decision making committees stakeholder inputs meetings a parent and family engagement plan or school parent compact notifications relating to parents right to know and additional surveys and the overall goal of this is that all students teachers and families benefit all working together to support student needs with the help of our title one program

so our school-wide plan what and how does this relate specifically to royal palm well we always want to prioritize diverse curriculum needs to individualize instruction given the nature of our school we do have a school parent compact that has been shared with all of our parents and is posted on our school website and this focused on shared partnership between school home and outside community stakeholders we additionally have a parent and family engagement plan that focuses on relevant trainings for families to improve implementation of strategies at home and of course teacher and staff trainings to focus on homeschool communication and collaboration and behavioral communication supports for our students

and we love to partner with outside stakeholders our parents and our staff so we are really really big on staff trainings both for instructional and non-instructional staff and these trainings happen with partnerships with outside district stakeholders but also happen here at royal palm with our staff during this school year we are really striving to continue to build connections between home and school communities and also work with our community partners too as well

our focus for title one this year relates to the following first of all individualized curriculum needs we're going to continue to utilize funds to address curriculum needs to provide as much differentiated hands-on instruction as possible to meet individual student iep goals and provide a true multi-sensory approach to learning we're going to focus on parent and staff trainings and training opportunities will be presented to the parents and staff to improve those home school connections continue to focus on technology integrating this into all activities to promote increased opportunities for learning styles for all of our students no matter what their needs might be and of course finally capacity building so we have a lot of both instructional and non-instructional staff here on our campus so we're going to specifically gear all training opportunities to all staff including non-instructional staff paraprofessionals behavior interventionists etc to build capacity to continue to help your child make progress through their direct support as well

relating to parent and family engagement for some of our parent and family trainings our trainings will focus specifically on home strategies for improving parental understanding of ieps all of our students here do have ieps so it's really important that our parents are are in the know and all the information being shared with them at iep meetings is in a way that they can clearly understand what decisions are being made for their child around the table and in the classroom to help them make progress and additionally we're going to focus on behavioral communication based strategies and home school connections to support continued collaboration and finally we're also going to work on training with teachers and staff continued ongoing training through universal behavior supports our new pbs system visual and communication aids to help all of our students make progress and the creation of parent partnerships to ensure school-wide success research does show that when parents and family members are involved students are more likely to do the following make individual progress uh relating to grades do better on assessments increase school attendance be better at adapting to change improve their social skills and ensure graduation moving on to the next grade and continuing to reach their goals after high school and post-secondary

so what about our parent and family engagement plan we call this our pfep and at royal palm our pfept works to describe how we involve all of our families in students education it is written with the input of our school's families and staff during a stakeholder input meeting and it's also shared during sac meetings to review and revise as needed uh pfep summaries are sent home in all relevant languages to all of our families so everyone is aware of what our parent and family engagement plan is it's also posted on our website too as well

this parent family engagement plan includes a mission statement how we work with parents families and the outside community to increase student achievement how we work to train teachers and staff to work with families how we go about supporting parents and helping their students at home and finally how we share important information with all families and stakeholders

important parent trainings that we're focusing on this year as i previously shared in alignment with this pfep we would love to invite you to attend the following trainings and more information will be coming out about these parent trainings first of all you want to work um to give information to parents about understanding your child's individual education plan the basics coming up this october homeschool collaboration to support behavioral needs and december and communication based supports at home in uh february of 2022 more information will be coming out about these specific trainings and we're going to continue to provide parents with resources outside supports and direct trainings and additional opportunities to build partnerships with the outside community resources too as well throughout the course of the school year

next our school parent compact each title one school does have a school parent compact that's written with input from parents family members and school personnel this sets out the responsibilities of students parents and family members as well as the school staff and striving to raise student achievement and helping students make individual progress

also a key important piece of title 1 is parents right to know parents and families always have the right to ask about the professional qualifications of their child's teachers and if non-teacher personnel are providing instruction to a child and what their professional qualifications are and this information is always shared annually in a parent's right to know letter that is also translated into relevant languages so all parents do have access to this information

we do know that families also must be informed that if their child is is taught for four or more weeks by teacher who does not meet the certification requirements for the grade level or subject being taught and finally how their child performed annually on state tests like the fsaa which children take annually here at royal palm school so it's really important that we're always striving to keep parents as informed as possible and that's what we strive to do anyways here at royal palm but this is also part of our title one program

some other specifics a migrant education program so relating to the migrant education program this program works to ensure the needs of migrant students are met to help overcome breaks in schooling cultural language barriers social isolation or health related problems and transition to college or post-secondary work after high school and finally the goal of this program is to improve educational opportunities of migrant students to help them succeed in school achieve grade level standards meet academic content that might be challenging and move on graduating from high school

we also specifically support students that may be experiencing homelessness this does include families who live in a shelter motel vehicle or campground on the street in abandoned buildings or with relatives or friends we do this through the mckinney-vento program so every school has a contact person who works with families to decide on which school would be best for a child if they're in this situation communicate with the school provide school supplies and other key things to help students be successful if they are experiencing homelessness like school uniforms additional supplementary services free school meals transportation accessing community support and connecting a family with mckinney-vento staff for additional support our school that contact person is myself and we always work together with our school-based resources and outside community resources to help support any student that is in this situation as well as their family

i really hope this helped provide you some additional information relating to title 1 programming and what our plan is this year at royal palm school to help support your child make progress this recording will be posted on our school website as well as an evaluation and feedback form so if you have any questions relating to any of this information that i've shared out today please feel free to fill it out it will be in spanish as well and haitian creole as well so it'll be easily accessible also on our school website and we really want to thank you today for being a key part of our team here at royal palm school and working together with us every single day to help your child make progress again we'll be sharing out this recording posting it on our website and also i will be sharing out that evaluation and feedback form i really appreciate you all joining us today and if you have any questions at all or ever have any questions feel free to reach out to us here at royal palm we are always here to help and are happy to partner with you to help your child make continued progress thank you i hope you have a great day